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16 Years experience in the industry, IT infrastructure and programming specialists.

With over 16 years in the industry and a proven track record Deadline Automation guarantees you peace of mind. We have experience working with many small to medium size enterprises whilst also having one of the largest companies in the world on our portfolio.

We can resolve your problems whatever they be and can assist you in deploying your Content Management Systems and eCommerce solutions. If you need a custom solution or a managed hosting provider please speak to one of our sales team or our technical department and see if we can deliver your application.

Microsoft SQL Server

Authoring, Support, Design and Modernisation

We have extensive experience with Microsoft SQL Server 2005 onwards, including OLTP, Business Analytical Services (Business Intelligence), Reporting Services and AlwaysOn availability.

We are positioned to create unique one-off solutions for your organisation or support existing services. We comfortably deal with both cloud based and on-site internal solutions.

We have knowledge and experience with batch processing and CLR authoring allowing us to combine the power of SQL Server with the .Net framework to create completely unique results.


VB.Net, Visual C#, MVC

If you are setting up a web application or cloud based solution what better way to drive performance than through Microsoft Active Server Pages? We have worked with ASP.Net for about 8 years and have had many positive experiences with the system. Combine SQL Server, ASP.Net and IIS for a class leading solution framework.

Information Manangement


Through our family of software solutions called HermesSuite we are able to help you better manage your engineering information. Manage all of the activity reports from your engineers, filter them by date and time, author, asset groups, fault types and duration to drill down into the details behind any assets performance.

Using the HermesSuite Resource Library you can store, manage and quickly retrieve any technical or operational information relating to an asset or area. Store instructions manuals, electrical or mechanical drawings, SOPs, certificates, training records or standard settings.

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Kartris Development

Custom eCommerce Solutions

Kartris is a highly extensible eCommerce engine which leverages the power of ASP.Net and SQL server to deliver a quick, safe and cost effective solution to the problem of eCommerce in the modern desktop / mobile world.

Getting your business online has always been a challenge and some solutions on the market do not provide the level of customisation and styling that many users want.


By working with Deadline Automation you get the peace of mind that comes from using a recognised development partner and a company with a strong history of working with the underlying technologies.

If you are a startup trader looking to make your first venture into the online eCommerce world, or a small business with an existing online presence please get in touch as see what we can do to help you grow.

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