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Content Management Solutions

Delivering performance with a low TCO

Our flagship product HermesSuite has a strong track record for performance and is being used in multiple business locations.
HermesSuite is an engineering tool that puts all of your technician's reports, instruction manuals, certifications, electrical and mechanical drawings and SOPs at your fingertips. HermesSuite becomes another tool in your technician's toolbox.
  • Record engineering reports that are quick and easy to complete
  • Store documentation on machines, procedures and certification
  • Access from anywhere including mobile devices
  • Use QR code scanning to decrease authoring times and improve accuracy
  • Utilise auditting and asset hierarchi to ensure compliance to standard.

Custom Active Server Solutions

Performance through the Microsoft framework

We have a history of being able to deliver one-off custom solutions using a range of Microsoft products. We have been using ASP.Net and SQL Server for many years now and have been able to leverage these systems to allow us to produce fast and easy to use systems that can be used on desktops, servers or mobile devices. We still use many of the Microsoft technologies to drive our Apple iOS apps. and ensure total data integrity through effective synchronisation.
We are proud to have several systems that we have designed because our customers other suppliers said such systems simply couldn't be done.
  • Experienced Engineers
  • In depth knowledge of cross platform integration
  • Skills applicable to internal intranet and cloud based systems.

PLC Modernisation

Simatic S5, S7, SLC and Control Logix

We have had years of experience working with automation equipment in an industrial environment, such technology was the underpinning work of our business for many years.
We can author, repair, maintain and modernise any of the systems listed here with great proficiency.
  • Siemens Simatic S5
  • Siemens Simatic S7
  • Allen Bradley SLC500
  • Allen Bradley ControlLogix, CompactLogix, FlexLogix
  • DeviceNet and ControlNet

Kartris Custom Development

Open Source eCommerce Solutions

Kartris is an open source eCommerce engine that provides amazing functionality 'out of the box' for people with a good understanding of microsoft ASP.Net and SQL Server technologies. Our team at Deadline Automation have been working with Kartris on several projects and have found it to be one of the leading eCommerce engines providing both a great end user experience and easy to understand administration.

By leveraging this software and combining it with our in house expertise we have manged to realise several successful eCommerce websites and some unique custom modules which have improved our customers experience.

We can assist in the creation, setup and deployment of your personal Kartris installation, host it or an existing solution or code new modules for any existing Kartris developers to need experienced assistance with advanced customisation. For more information visit the link below.

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Specialty Custom Design

Develop a short list of the requirements you have from the software and how you would like it to appearance and style if applicable.
Discuss parameters of the design such as number of devices, connection methods, desired technology and timescales.
Review initial proposals, modify and alter as required.
Approve final design. Agree timescales for production and deployment.
Receive completed project including associated documentation and instruction manuals.